America's Largest Student-Produced Musical - The 77th Annual Dolphin Show: Hello, Dolly!

Produced by Casey Watson, Andrew Harlan, and Austin Manross / Directed by Isabel Perry / Choreographed by Tucker Tab DeGregory

“It’s about … trying to maintain those intimate and personal moments within the grand-scale image, and that can be really, really challenging for choreographers, but also exciting with a show like Dolly that is about one woman making a huge impact on a ginormous community.”

--Tucker Tab DeGregory, choreographer

See behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage and learn what made Hello, Dolly! the quintessential Dolphin Show in Harrison Tremarello's video for the The Daily Northwestern


America's Largest Student-Produced Musical - The 76th Annual Dolphin Show: Ragtime

Produced by Michael Kelleher and Prateek Singh / Directed by Michael Herwitz / Choreographed by Tucker Tab DeGregory

"Just got back from the show and I had to write to congratulate you immediately ... In short, it was superb! I was at Northwestern for 33 years and I believe I saw 33 Dolphin Shows. This was unquestionably the best ... The staging was seamless and lyrical with really beautiful stage pictures. ... Tucker’s choreography had infinite variety and made wonderful use of period dance styles and it was executed with total commitment. I’m running out of adjectives. Just know that you made something really beautiful and meaningful. Thank you for a brilliant production of my favorite musical!"

--Dominic Missimi, Jeff Award-winning director and theatre scholar

Read more about choreographing Ragtime in Carmen Fernandez's article for The Daily Northwestern


Jasper In Deadland

Produced by Jonathan Gelb / Directed by Noah Watkins / Choreographed by Tucker Tab DeGregory

"The choreography also goes beyond traditional musical theatre norms. Communication sophomore Tucker DeGregory said the choreography is less about structure and form, and is driven more by character. He said he drew on his personal background in hip hop and street dance to bring hard-hitting punk rock movement to the stage.

'Something that’s important to me with this show is to have the audience feel kinesthetic empathy, to feel like they want to get out of their seats and jump up and jive with us like they’re at a concert, or at a club,' DeGregory said."

--from Andrea Michelson's review in The Daily Northwestern



Produced by Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts / Directed by Caitlin Lowans / Choreographed by Tucker Tab DeGregory


The Cherry Orchard

Produced by Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts / Directed by Hassan Al Rawas / Choreographed by Tucker Tab DeGregory


At the opening of Act 3, the protagonist hosts a rousing party to honor the family estate and raise her loved ones’ spirits. Our party scene revolved around traditional Lezginka dance, which is known for its social circle improvisation, flips, battles, and swan and sword vocabulary.

Read and hear about director Hassan Al Rawas’ personal connection to the play in the article and promotional video published on Northwestern Now.


Something In The Game

Produced by American Music Theatre Project, Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts, and by special arrangement with Coaches, LLC, John Girardi, and Greg Schaffert / Directed and Choreographed by David H. Bell / Associate Choreographed (and "Ensemble") by Tucker Tab DeGregory

"Directed and expertly choreographed once again by the masterful David H. Bell, this production couldn’t be more professional, heartfelt and entertaining. He’s extracted some superb performances from his cast and choreographed the show with athleticism."

--from Colin Douglas's review in the Chicago Theatre Review

"The musical is beautifully directed and choreographed in myriad ways: the football scrimmages, bar fight scenes, dance numbers are an absolute delight, as are the songs."

--from Debra Davy's review in Splash Magazines

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